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How to get a job in a recession

The Second edition of How to Get a Job in a Recession publication date was October 2011, but everything within is still bang up to date!

This second edition was written in summer 2011; the situation has worsened, more people are being laid off in both the public and private sectors, and it remains challenging to get a job; fewer jobs being advertised, so the competition is tougher. Whilst the unemployment rate remains at a similar level to that of 2008 (approximately 7.8%), this takes no account of the number of people having to work in low-paid part-time jobs and those who choose not to register as unemployed. People wonder if they will ever get a job, but opportunities are out there and you can get a job if you approach your job search as if it were a marketing campaign.

How it Differs from the first edition

There are significant changes between the first and second edition of this book. Most chapters have been extensively revised to take account of the most up-to-date techniques you can use, and new chapters focus on LinkedIn, on being found, and on research. Greater emphasis is placed on being proactive rather than on relying on the traditional way of applying for the jobs that are advertised.

Section 1 is focused on getting ready, creating a job search plan, getting organised, thinking about what you want to do, and considering the different ways to get a job.

Section 2 is about getting the basics in place, compiling a CV, creating your personal message and getting started on LinkedIn.

Section 3 concerns finding things out, through networking, fact-finding interviews and research.

Section 4 focuses on traditional job search, finding and replying to job ads, creating the cover letter, and using recruitment agencies.

Then we get active in section 5 as we focus on the hidden job market, advanced LinkedIn and new approaches you can take.

Once you get shortlisted, Section 6 will provide advice on selection, the interview, psychometric testing and assessment centres.

Section 7 focuses on keeping going. It includes how to stay motivated, and what to consider before you say yes.

I've taken a multimedia approach to this edition. Access all the forms you need as complimentary downloads from the website, and download audio so you can listen to advice as you drive to interviews, go for a walk etc.


The First edition of How to Get a Job ina Recession was published in March 2009.

How to Get a Job in a Recession is a comprehensive guide to job search success, including getting organised, creating an effective CV, success with job applications, reasons for contacting companies directly and more. It should be read by every job seeker faced with finding work during these challenging times.

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